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An event video gives an unforgettable impression of the atmosphere, emotions and highlights of an event in just a few minutes. They give interested parties an insight and enable visitors to review the event again.
With professional equipment and a lot of experience in the field of videography and editing, we offer you high-quality and emotional moving image content.


You experience your day in moving pictures

The day of your wedding is of course something very special. For this reason, many bridal couples also choose to hire a wedding photographer. Of course, you can indulge in memories with the photos and a really pretty photo book. However, a real wedding film is something else. With this you can experience your day again and again. In picture and sound!

Especially when you as the bride and groom present a wedding vows, this in the form of a video is something completely different than when this is "only" captured in photos. If you watch your very own wedding film, you will most certainly remember the many butterflies in your stomach.

Share the video with people who weren't there

Sometimes there are people who would like to be present at your wedding, but unfortunately did not have the opportunity to do so. This may be due to illness, distance, age, or any other reason entirely. It is all the nicer for these people if they have the option to watch your wedding film afterwards. Even if this cannot of course be compared with attending the wedding directly, it is still very nice to experience your emotions, the most important moments and other special things.

Of course you can send these people the photos of your wedding, but unfortunately photos cannot speak. Sometimes it's the special words that turn a moment into something unforgettable. So of course the “Yes, I do”.

There are things that cannot be photographed

The previously mentioned words "Yes, I do", or even the marriage vows that we mentioned, cannot be captured in photos. Both moments are a very good example of why a videographer is worthwhile for your own wedding. The spoken words recorded in a video will surely inspire you again and again. The moment in which your partner promises you eternal love, you will surely look at each other again and again. A videographer can capture that very moment in ways that photos could never capture.

Your wedding photographer is sure to take great photos of you the bride and groom and the reactions of the guests at the wedding reception while a speech is being given. But you will never again have the opportunity to watch and hear your loved ones deliver these carefully crafted speeches unless you have them captured on video.

Discover moments you missed

On the day of your wedding, there are definitely an infinite number of butterflies buzzing around in your stomach. Because of the sheer excitement, there are some situations that the newlyweds do not always fully understand. While you are walking down the corridor to the altar with your father, you may only have eyes for your bridegroom and do not even notice the wonderfully sung song.

Even if you only have eyes for your sweetheart all day long, you can see them from the perspective of your guests with a film from your wedding. This is a completely new perspective, which can give you a completely different insight into what is happening.

Show your children the wedding

Are you planning to start a family at some point?

So, at some point, you could show your children, or maybe even your grandchildren, how you spent your wedding day.

On that day, many members of your family may also be there, so that you have the opportunity to capture everyone on a video.


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